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Laptop Hard Disk Repair

Hard drives have a limited life and will eventually fail. They are easily damaged if the laptop is knocked or banged when turned on. A hard drive is basically a metal disk that spins at very high speed with tiny heads that reads the data. If it is knocked the heads will dig into the disk and damage it resulting in hard drive errors or complete failure. Sometimes even during normal careful use the hard drive can fail due to a head failing.

If a hard drive fails completely then the laptop will either stop at the bios screen with a message that the boot disk is missing or the screen may remain black. If partial failure occurs then the laptop will probably lockup during Windows loading or it may continually reset.

As soon as a hard drive starts to fail all data should be backed up as the fault will get worse not better. BROKENLAPTOP.IE are able to offer data recovery and backup as required.

When a hard drive is replaced it will be necessary to have Windows reinstalled and drivers reloaded we can do this provided the laptop has a cd key number on an official Microsoft label (usually on the base of the laptop) or you have the original Windows install disks (not copies!). Alternatively, if the hard drive is working well enough to make a 'mirror' copy then we can transfer all the drives contents from the old to the new drive.

BROKENLAPTOP.IE can fit a new hard drive to most laptops and recover your lost data.
BROKENLAPTOP.IE offer a data recovery service, if your hard drive has failed or has been damaged .

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